We’ve Brought About Change!

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Remember just one week ago when I wrote about the new Clean Reader app that basically censors one’s books? If not, you can read that post here. And you’ll want to. Now back to today. The makers of the app have responded to widespread criticism by removing the ability to buy books directly from the app! And why is this a big deal? Because I think every commenter on that post didn’t like what was happening. That these people were buying books and then trying to change the language of said books.

Now I have to be honest here, I have no reason to believe that the makers of the app read my post. Or that anyone of great importance or influence read it. But many authors wrote blog posts and tweeted and made it very known that they didn’t like that the app’s aim was to censor books…

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Meet Buzzbee- a bee I rescued (hopefully)

Image © J.R.Barker 2015

Meet Buzzbee, I found him lying lifeless on the drive way.  A spoon full of honey later and he was pottering around, yet he still seemed out of sorts.  I think he might have a damaged wing.

Poor Buzzbee.

Unable to bear leaving him to his own devices (who can blame me, look at that adorable face)

Image © J.R.Barker 2015

I got him a litter tray, filled it with hay so he could warm up, and put another spoonful of honey in for him.

He’s crawled into the hay, so he seems happy with his indoor outdoor home.

Hopefully he’ll fly away, if not I guess I have a pet bee.




If anyone has any suggestions about how to care for Buzzbee I would be most grateful.

Deep Space Nine- Lazy Evenings

image © J.R.Barker 2015

Days 17, 18 and 19 of 100 days of happiness.

I admit that I’ve let things slip over the last three days, but by the end of the day sometimes it just hurts to look at the computer and all I want to do is veg. Vegging, by the way is day 17 of the happiness challenge.

Who doesn’t love to just do naff all whilst stuffing their face with chocolate and watching reruns of Deep Space Nine?

My favourite character has to be Odo, the grumpy changeling. If I were a changeling I would probably spend most of my time not being a human, after all, why be a human when you can be a dragon?

Day 18 of happiness is chocolate. I had a few days where chocolate was needed and it’s a great mood booster, I’m pretty sure I’ve covered chocolate already, but if I have it’s ok because chocolate deserves more than one mention.

Day 19- A positive outlook. I relish the fact that when the chips are not just down, but covered in bits of unnamable stuff, I have ability to dust myself off and be hopeful and happy.  Things could be worse after all.  That’s not to say that I don’t grumble and worry, but I’m less grumblier and worrisome than I used to be.

If you could change into anything, what would it be?

Lynne Cantwell #RespectsArtists

My awesome author friend, Lynne Cantwell, has carried the torch for #RespectArtists today, making this my happy thing for day 16 in 100 days of happiness.

Not only is she doing this post but she also works with indies unlimited who are doing a #PublishingFoul month.  This is where people talk about their experiences with publishers and how they’ve gone wrong in a bid to help other indie authors from falling into the same traps.

Please check out the full article below and check out her blog for she has many amazing tips and tools for authors and many awesome books for readers.

My author buddy J.r. Barker has come up with a terrific idea for a new movement, and I’m happy to take part. She’s calling it Respect Artists, and the hashtag is #RespectArtists.

She explained the impetus for her campaign in a post on her blog earlier this month. What got her going was an incident that happened to an artist friend whose work was plagiarized and harassed. The friend ended up removing her work from the internet over the incident.

This is just the latest in a long string of sad stories I’ve heard about people who have spoken up online about something, or posted creative work somebody didn’t like, or — horror of horrors! — attempted to game online while female, and who have been called out, insulted, doxxed, and/or lost their livelihood. In some cases, the victims have needed mental health treatment. In other cases, they have taken outrestraining orders against their stalkers.

Come on, people — this is immature behavior. Bullying is bad enough in any context, but the internet makes it easy for people to bully others anonymously. However, that doesn’t mean the bullies can’t be found. My favorite story along these lines is the one about the Australian game reviewer who got back at the kids — and they were, by and large, teen boys — who sent her rape threats by contacting their mothers. Kudos to you, Alanah Pearce, for not letting these kids get away with it.

Any time you create something and put it out there for people to enjoy, you’re going to find someone who

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Books and Gardening


image © J.R.Barker 2015

Reading and fresh air, these are a few of my favourite things.

Days 16 and 17 of 100 days of happiness

Day 16- This is a belated day of happiness, but I finished a book called Necromancer Awakening.  I shall be adding it to my recommended reads list.  Basically if you like the sound of the title you’ll love the book.  It was one that I savoured because I didn’t want it to end. Thankfully there are more in the series!

Day 17-   As spring has sprung so have the pretty flowers and the green things, unfortunately the weeds didn’t get my memo about not growing this year, so I’m trying to get a head start on the ground elder invasion in our garden.

However, and I know this probably sounds really sad, but digging up roots is strangely rewarding.   It’s probably going to take all year to keep on top of it, but at least *insert positive element here*

Is there anything you’ve read recently that you’d recommend?

Also any tips for annihilating Ground elder would be much appreciated.

Troll Tales

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About a year ago, I wrote about how to deal with trolls. My chief recommendation echoed the conventional wisdom on this subject: don’t feed the trolls. In other words, ignore them. Don’t engage.

I still think that’s the optimal way to deal with trolls; however, I’ve come across a couple of interesting stories lately from people who did the opposite — they engaged with their nastiest bullies, and they ended up receiving sincere apologies!

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The Little Things In Life

100 days of happiness. I missed a day again, but I can assure you I have a really good reason. Pure laziness.

So here are two happy days bunched into one awesome bundle of joy.

Day 13- Really awesome dreams that you can’t wait to write down

Day 14- Memes like this.

Silly Dog

It’s the little things in life that make you smile, so hold onto them and the big things don’t seem so bad.

Over the top cooking

100 days of happiness Day 12

When you go to look up a recipe for cheese on toast with onions, to see if it’s best to cook the onions off before, and find recipes that take 20 mins and have about 50 different ingredients. Made I larf.


Par cook your onions, stick toms on top if you want to, add cheese . Toast.

Verdict= yum.

Double Happiness


100 Days of Happiness day 10 and 11

I didn’t post yesterday because we had the lovely Brenda Perlin doing her bit for #RespectArtists.

So double happy today.

I am happy that my drawing has improved so much, I’m still not ‘hot’ on it, but I have definitely improved.

I am also happy for fresh air, without which I would be a little pile of grump.