Interview with Brenda Perlin, a little ray of sunshine!


It’s been a while since I’ve done an interview, but I’m very pleased to be able to do this one as the woman in question is the most lovely person I’ve ever met online and here’s why.

She is always there for others in need, she’s always on hand to give advice and has done some amazing things for people, she goes above and beyond without being asked and never toots her own horn or asks for a word of thanks or anything else in return.

I haven’t told her I’ve written this part, so it’s our little secret, right?

So, without further ado I introduce unto you Brenda Perlin, author of Shattered Reality, Burnt Promises, Fractured vows, Ty the Bull and Alex the Mutt.

Hello Miss Perlin and welcome!








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I’m in a pickle!

So many themes, so little time!

I need your help people of the internet!

I’m trying to find a new theme for my author website. It’s really, really tough to find a good theme and I saw 2:00 am go by before I had to give up.

This one has been easy, but my author site needs a little help, I’ve narrowed it down to three possibilities and would appreciate your help in deciding!

If you could just pop on over HERE and vote for your favourite I would be forever grateful!

The crumble of disappointment and potpourri

Having received many apples from our lovely neighbours, and it being blackberry picking season, I decided to make apple and blackberry crumble.

Emboldened by my plum cake success I thought I would experiment.

What could possibly go wrong eh?

I used the topping from one recipe, it suggested oats, that sounded nice, and the filling from the other, because it had cinnamon and well… yum.

The result? Nice fruit filling with undercooked tasting topping.

Not to outdo myself I decided it would be a waste to throw all that apple peel away, so I  covered them in cinnamon and sugar and baked them into crisps.

Great, except that they weren’t, they smelled nice, but for two hours baking, not worth it at all.

All in all it wasn’t an explosive disaster, but certainly not worth the hassle.

That should teach me to deviate from a recipe.


Judge A Book by it’s Cover- Fresco


Hi Folks,

I haven’t done this for two weeks, my bad, but now I’m back with Patti Larson’s Fresco.

So, come on, tell me what do you think this story could be about?

If you have already read the book you may still join in by posting a review, or with an opinion of what you think the cover says about the book, just please NO SPOILERS!

Join me on Friday if you want to know how close your guess was.

So don’t be shy, have a guess :)


Plum Cake- Very Nomable!

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 20.02.50

Well my first Plum cake was such a success that it was swiftly eaten before I managed to take a photograph.  I had to grab a screenshot from the video on the recipe’s website.

I didn’t make the conserve or serve with cream, it was gorgeous on its own, strangely it tasted even better on the third day than it did on the first.

I also suspect that if I withheld the plums it would make a really nice ginger cake recipe too.

Here’s the link if you’d like to try.

The website says it takes 30 mins- an hour to bake, mine was in the oven for over an hour, the sponge will be a little soggy where the plums are, so be sure to test a plum free area to see if it’s cooked.

Yummy experiments… I hope

I am making a plum cake, I’ve never had it or made it before, but I was given a bucket load of plums by a kindly neighbour that have to be eaten quickly.

Rather than going out and buying anything extra, or eating them all in one sitting until I pass out from a sugar rush/ crash, I decided to bake them.

What’s that I hear? You think I’m Procrastibaking? Absolutely not!

If all goes well I may even post the link to the recipe. If not… well, expect a cake rant.

What’s your favourite plum recipe?

What are YOU afraid of?


image © J.R.Barker 2014

It’s hard to scare a child with a tax return just as it’s hard to scare and adult with a witch.

However, everyone is afraid of something and those things might change over time.  As children we sometime imagine our fears, the ghoul under the bed, the creaky door that sounds like arrival of impending doom, etc. 

As adults things scare us less but they are replaced by a different set of fears, usually in the form of Bills, work no work etc.

Which begs the question why are we always so afraid of things? What does it really accomplish?


Delighted Little Me!

twitter background

As the author of a singular ebook that is out in the word for all to see,  I often neglect to check reviews of my completed virtual baby, as I am busy on crafting a few other tales,

Reviews do not come thick and fast, so imagine my delight when i discovered this little review on Amazon!

Four Stars for The Frog Prince!

“This is an amusing look at the prince’s problems as a frog and his efforts to find the evil witch who had changed him into a slimy amphibian. There are many possible suspects, starting with the Hippo Princess and her parents. Even his own mother comes under suspicion.

Adults will enjoy it as well as kids. Also it’s a “chapter book” so younger readers won’t feel like it’s for toddlers, instead of big kids like second graders. :)”

Reading Rewires My Brain


Image © J.R. Barker 2014

I tend to find that what I’m reading can sometime affect how I write, the most noticeable effects come from reading a really good poem. My brain seems to alter and  even my speech pattern wants to change.

Especially if I’ve read a rhyming poem, then I struggle not to write in rhymes.

The temptation is then to find a really good book and read it over and over in order to make sure I write consistently well. However, if I read something that’s badly written my writing suffers too.

Does anyone else have this phenomenon?