Dianne Lynn Gardner’s Book Launch and Partay!


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Hello folks, today we join Dianne Lynn Gardner as she talks about her new release, Altered. 

To join in the fun of the release event go here on facebook.  

The release is being hosted by Dianna and the Master Koda Publishing group and they always know how to have fun!

Tell us little about yourself.

Getting older is the best thing that ever happened to me! When I was young, having had seven children, I didn’t appreciate how beautiful they were nor how much I loved them. Today I absolutely adore teenagers. I see kids walking down the street with their iphones or skateboards, and wish I could stop and hug them and tell them how beautiful they are. Perhap we don’t appreciate youth until we are no longer in possession of it, I don’t know. But that tells you a little about who I am right now.

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Writing Process Blog Chain Hop – Four Questions, Four Answers


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I was tagged in this event by the marvellous A.C. Winfield

A.C. Winfield (or Amy) lives in St.Ives (Porthia) on the west coast of Cornwall, England.A lot of her influences come from her neighboring surroundings in Cornwall and also from her most favorite place in the whole wide world, North Devon.
At secondary school she was diagnosed with having slight dyslexia which made English and exams a struggle but determined, she managed to get the GCSEs needed for her college course.After leaving school Amy then studied NVQ Photography and continued her passion for art and photography by selling her art work at local fairs and events, while sharing her enthusiasm for art with children at schools and holiday clubs.Since 2006 Amy has had the land of Ia (looking a lot like the outline of Cornwall with influences from North Devon’s landscape) floating around and forming inside her head. Characters, creatures, places soon followed the story told to her by Stella.Along with Stella came Ebony and her legacy.Amy now runs her own children’s party entertainment business called The Little Art Party and uses her art and photography skills to create covers/ illustrations for other authors as well as completing her own children’s books.A.C. Winfield’s books can be purchased on Amazon. 

Blog: http://acwinfield43.wix.com/acwinfield#!blog/cfrq

Website: http://acwinfield43.wix.com/acwinfield

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mimi.winfield

Now it’s my turn…

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First tentative drawing steps.


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My attempts at drawing, as promised.

Here is Elaina in all her leather armoured glory.

There’s still a long way to go, but she looks human, I’m pleased with how her face, hair and body armour came out. Feel free to ignore the hands, strange bow and wonky sword and knife.  Or comment on it, up to you.


My rough outline of the Lands of Khandaher, things are still being added to it.  I will neaten it up, probably change the shape of the land and add a few neighbouring countries as well as a funky compass and make it look old stylee, but this is my current reference point. Purely for me to make sure I don’t walk into dire straights.

Lands of Khandahar-1

I did GCSE and A level art, however considering we were told to copy other artists I never learnt how to actually draw. Which is why I wanted to study art in the first place, but hey. In fact studying it like this killed all enthusiasm for the subject, although I did love fiddling about with photoshop.

Now I’d like to learn how to do the thing properly, so any tips, hints and pointers are welcome. In the mean time I’ll keep practicing!

Why 30 day fitness challenges are pointless and why I’m doing it anyway.


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Dear Folks,

You may be wondering why I’m doing a 30 day fitness challenge if I think it’s so pointless, to be honest so am I.  I have chosen to do two, the first is the plank and the second is squats.

The idea is that you gradually build your core strength up and you get toned along the way. You look great, you feel great, accomplished even.

So why is it pointless?  Yes you may build up your body core strength in 30 days, you may look and feel great and like you’ve achieved something, but where do you go from there?

Do you stay at the last number of squats held or do you keep increasing the number of squats until you spend all day every day squatting and planking? (feel free to snigger, I did.)

Do you find a new exercise or a new challenge? Or, and this is the most likely option, do you simply give up?

I have to admit I did my first 50 squats yesterday and I felt a little sore afterwards and I got bored doing them.  But because it’s a challenge, a regime if you will, I felt the need to complete it.

That’s why I think rather than just doing a 30 day challenge you should have a life long challenge.

So why am I doing it?

Well, like most people who know this is pointless, I have a misguided notion that I’ll perhaps carry on with other exercises, other challenges, that I’ll keep up my fitness.  Only time will tell if I have the attention span to keep it up.  Something tells me the squats will be the first to go.

So wish me luck and please write back to tell me of any challenges you have tried, did you complete them and if you did, did you carry them on?

Yours Faithfully


A little bolt of inspiration.


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Image © J.R.Barker 2014

Howdy folks,

So I’m writing a fantasy trilogy.  I’m halfway through the 2nd draft and I think it’s going well. I’ve only almost hung up my writers hat for good 50 times or so. But whose counting?

For my efforts I have drawn a rudimentary map and got together a Pintrest board of all the things I think will help me.

I’m also learning to draw so that I can do my own cover, so far I’ve drawn a picture of the main character, Elaina.  I think she’s turned out well, although I do need to do a LOT more work on improving my drawing skills. There’s still time though folks!

The only thing I’m struggling on right now is what to call it.  I have names yes, but none seem to jump out and scream, ‘pick me’!

I’m usually pretty good at naming things, but this puppy will not be named.  I’m hoping that a flash of inspiration will  hit me over the head. Preferably not as I’m about to fall asleep.

After this draft I’ll put it to bed for a while and sit on it so I can edit with fresh eyes.  Then I shall go back to my kiddies book, it’s almost completed and I’m excited at the thought of getting back to it.

I shall have more details in the course of time, but not until I’m sure nothings going to change dramatically.

In the meantime I shall be putting names in the hat and hoping for that little bolt of inspiration.

Yours sincerely



The Krun Chronicles


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 For the last six weeks I’ve shared excerpts from the diary of Krun the barbarian as he realises his dream to become a hero and fights, not only the dreadful beasties, but his own naivety too.

Krun was born when I started writing little exercise pieces to improve my writing for my upcoming fantasy novel.

Krun will not be a part of it, but the plucky blaggard burst out of my mind and onto paper before I could stop him.  I guess he didn’t like being left out of the actual story so I’ve given him his own time and place to show off.

Having decided it was cheap and easy Krun sets out on the path of being a true hero, killing things and getting paid for it.

Yes, it’s cheap to live like a hero, you catch your own food, make your own clothes, but it’s not easy or cheap to start up.

Follow him as he discovers that he cannot do battle with a recycled sword, that yes he must wear armour and how not everyone wants their creatures slain.

Here is his story

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

When is “free” just a slap in the face?

Originally posted on Balls Deep and crying like a baby...:

After doing some browsing on Amazon last night (can’t tell I do my posts by the skin of my teeth, can you?), I really think I see the problem with the serious lack of sales that the majority of indie authors seem to experience: There are STILL too many bloody free books out there.

I went looking for something new to read and checked out the mystery and the science fiction categories. Clicked the “Price: Low to High” sort. And found every blood sub-category had at least a page (and the broader ones five to ten pages) of $0.00 books.

They may not be publicizing them, or allowing the big former-freebie sites to do the same much anymore, but the free books are STILL very much in evidence. It just takes an extra click to get to them, that’s all.

Who’s going to bother buying anything when you can still…

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A Titan Falls


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http---eskarine.deviantart.com-art-barbarian-257079957 from Eskarine For Krun

Barbarian ©2011-2014 Eskarine

The mountain trembled and shook rhythmically, rocks began to clatter and scatter.

Bella Hart just stood looking calmly at me as if waiting to see what I’d do.

What would I do?

I could run couldn’t I?  I was free now. One look into those cold brown eyes told me if I entertained such a notion I would be hunted for the rest of my life, which would incidentally be very short.

I rubbed my arms to get some feeling back into them where the ropes had cut off the circulation.

“I’ll need my weapons back,” I sighed.

I wouldn’t need my armour, if I got hit by a giant I wouldn’t know about it regardless of how good my armour was.

Hart clicked her fingers and one of the guards that flanked her took a sword from his side.  My sword!

I snatched it from his grasp and muttered under my breath about thieves before stalking off to get a good look at my foe.

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My GIANT problem competition winner(s)


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Thank you for all your stories on methods of killing giants, there were some really fun idea.

Because of this I have decided to pick two winners

Mark Meyers, for his ingenious solution into slaying a giant, and Wayne Harris-Wyrick for his interesting idea of humanising him.

Your suggestions have been gold dust and thanks to you two I have been able to come up with a way to deal with my giant problem!

I will be in contact with you both with your copies of The Adventures of the Frog Prince.

If you have any Giant stories you would like to tell I will be waiting your responses with a nice hot cuppa!

Right, that’s it, I’m starting a reading list. Spring Resolution!


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image © J.R.Barker 2014

Despite the fact that I keep saying ‘no more books until I’ve finished what I have’ I somehow keep acquiring them, it’s like I have a gift to unwittingly attract literature.

This is a good thing, I’m not complaining, BUT I now have several books that I should have read ages ago.  This means major biscuit deducting points for me.

As such I have compiled a reading list, it starts with the books I should have read eons ago and then moves along alphabetically.  So far I have done A and B.

Any other books I receive will be going at the END of this list, once I have reached the end of this one I will start at C and continue through.

I will empty my Kindle! I will pass go! I will collect £200! (the last, is wishful thinking, but if anyone has a spare £200 I wouldn’t object)

So, what wonderful things do I have lined up for myself?

Mungai and the Goa Constrictor by Amelia Curzon (currently reading)

The 13th Floor by Laci Page

Jake by Michael Cargill

Kiwi’s Christmas Tail by Vicki Johnston

Price of a Bounty by S.L.Wallace

Purely Paranormal by Patti Larson

The Whale Whisperers by Ed Drury

The Zombie chronicles by Chrissy Peebles

 Digitus 233 by Kim Mutch Emerson

Shattered Reality by Brenda Perlin

Alias Dragonfly by Jane Singer

The Angel and the Gift by J.K Drew

The Apple Seed by Nobliangelo Ceramulus

Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne

Beowulf by ?

Black Beauty by Anna Sewel

The Body Snatcher Wears Lipstick by Aretmis Hunt

The Book of Nature Myths by Florence Holbrook

The Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear

Book of Remarkable Criminals by Henry Brobibb Irving

Breather of Fires and Lighter of Skies  by Azaam Yaqoob

The Bride Price by Tracey Jane Jackson

The Burning Sky by Joseph Robert Lewis

The Butterfly Effect by Scott Semegran

I will be posting up the reviews as and when I have finished these gems, so keep your eyes peeled, although not literally because ouchies!


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